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04 January, 2014

Knowing The Difference

Knowing the difference between our ego/mind and intuition/heart is the most difficult thing to do and is the purpose of all spiritual practices and ceremonies. Both are filtered through our language, which is why most religious or spiritual cultures have a specifically spiritual language. This is also why the dominant and oppressive cultures always try suppressing native language by punishing people for its use.

However even our use of the English language is beginning to evolve into a number of different ways. One is in the form of sms and abbreviated terms like lol. Other forms are including words that compound spiritual terms from other languages and science; for example the term Shaman, borrowed from the Tungsic language of Siberia, or Quantum Leap, from Quantum Physics and yet other meanings given to scientific terms like The Matrix.

So the need for spiritual practice and ritual and ceremonies are also evolving individually and collectively as more and more people make every aspect of their living part of their rituals and spiritual practices. These people then are constantly aware of the difference between their ego/mind and their intuition/heart and therefore make good choices in their lives.


Yours in Spirit

Sitting Owl

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