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18 March, 2011

Joint Gathering at Sitting Owl's Nest

USA SUT Gathering of Eagles
Here at Sitting Owl's Nest
24th - 31st July 2011

Gathering Ceremony from Sunrise Thursday 28th 
to Approx lunchtime Sunday 31st.
To acknowledge the connectedness of spiritual gatherings I will be holding a gathering here on my property near Ballarat for anyone who can't make it to the USA for Grandfather Ernest's gathering at Nambé, New Mexico.
If you are interested in attending this event then please contact me via the form at the bottom of every page at my website:
Depending on the numbers interested will determine what actually takes place during the four days, but there will be some form of fire lit each day if we don't have enough people to tend one around the clock. And some sort of ceremony to open and close the gathering and something will happen during also.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Mitakuye Oyasin
Yours in Spirit

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