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16 March, 2010

Wadi Wadi Family Gathering

Wadi Wadi Family Gathering
Come camp in Nyah Vinifera Wood Wood Forest
March Sat 27th - Mon 29th

More Information call: Indira Narayan: 0409 257 354

• No Drugs! No Alcohol!
• lunch provided
• BYO camping gear, water, food
• Some funding assistance available

Wadi Wadi Cultural Business

o Wadi Wadi Co-management Board for Nyah Vinifera Wood Wood Forest
o Setting up a Wadi Wadi land & culture incorporated body
o Creating a Wadi Wadi elder’s council / circle
o Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations - news & activities
o Working with environment groups - Friends of the Earth, Friends of Nyah Vinifera
o Tyntyndyer - future developments

Wadi Wadi Cultural Activities

o art competition for young people
o jumping castle
o Cultural walks through the forest
o Women’s Business & Men’s Business
o Wadi Wadi story telling and Music
o Important plants for Wadi
o Fundraiser auction: call out for donations of items

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